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obgtravel · 2023-06-28 · 1306浏览

Welcome to OBG Traveling & Consultancy LLC, your premier luxury travel agency based in United Arab Emirates. We specialize in concierge services, custom travel plans, hotel reservations, and other travel consultation services. Stay tuned for more!

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There are 4 comments

  1. Akashi    

    23-07-16 16:55 (Reply)

    Hello! We found a problem that may let the website loading speed longer than expected. So we recommend you to apply a small update by replacing the "index.php" and "romanticism.aka.css", you can find the lastest version on my github in "https://github.com/akashiwest/Romanticism". Best wishes! : )

    1. Akashi    

      23-07-16 17:06 (Reply)

      May bad, actully is "header.php" and "romanticism.aka.css" these two files.

      1. obgtravel OBG Travel     

        23-07-17 07:02 (Reply)

        Hi there!

        Thank you for reaching out and bringing the loading speed issue to my attention. I appreciate your efforts in identifying the problem. I have taken note of your recommendation to update the "header.php" and "romanticism.aka.css" files by downloading the latest version from your GitHub repository at "https://github.com/akashiwest/Romanticism".

        I sincerely appreciate your contribution to the open-source community by sharing your blog theme. It's great to see such collaboration and support among developers.

        Once again, thank you for your help and for providing a solution to improve the loading speed. Best wishes to you as well!

        Kind regards,
        OBG Travel - IT Team

        1. Akashi    

          23-07-18 11:00 (Reply)

          It's not a big deal, and I'm flattered.