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Chongqing Travel: Tiktok Internet Celebrity City, Explore the Mountain City Scenery and Yangtze River View

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Chongqing, a municipality directly under the central government in southwestern China, is an important port on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the starting point for Three Gorges tourism. In recent years, Chongqing has gained popularity on TikTok due to its unique terrain and architectural style, capturing the attention of countless netizens worldwide. Known as the "Mountain City," Chongqing is nestled among mountains, creating a staggered landscape full of charm and surprise. Sometimes you think you're on the first floor of a building, but actually, there are many high-rise buildings beneath your feet on the street below.

To fully immerse yourself in the charm of Chongqing Mountain City, don't miss out on these must-visit attractions:

Hongya Cave: Also known as Hongyadong, this collection of buildings perched on a cliff at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers showcases 11 antique wooden structures spanning 12 floors. Hongya Cave is renowned for its specialties, handicrafts, teahouses, and provides a vibrant display of Chongqing's folk culture and stunning night views.

Jiefangbei Square: Located in the bustling Yuzhong District, Jiefangbei Square is one of Chongqing's landmarks. It features a monument commemorating the victory of the Anti-Japanese War and is surrounded by various shopping malls, restaurants, and bars, making it an ideal spot for shopping and entertainment.

Yangtze River Cableway: This aerial transportation system spans the Yangtze River, connecting the Yuzhong District and Nan'an District. It offers a fantastic opportunity to admire the picturesque views of both sides of the Yangtze River and appreciate the beauty and charm of Chongqing's Mountain City mountains and waterways.

Ciqikou Old Town: Situated in the Nan'an District, Ciqikou is a well-preserved ancient town from the Ming and Qing dynasties. It showcases a strong Ba-Yu culture, with numerous ancient buildings, stone streets, and houses. Visitors can also explore various traditional handicrafts and savor local delicacies.

In addition to these attractions, Chongqing boasts other notable places worth exploring, such as the Dazu Rock Carvings, Wulong Karst Region, Langzhong Ancient Town, the Three Gorges Museum, and more.

While sightseeing is an integral part of any travel experience, comfortable accommodations ensure a memorable trip. We recommend the following top five hotels in Chongqing:

Regent Chongqing: Located near Jiefangbei Square in Yuzhong District, this five-star hotel offers exemplary service, luxurious and well-equipped rooms, as well as an array of facilities including an indoor constant temperature swimming pool, fitness center, and spa center.

Intercontinental Chongqing Raffles City:Located in the heart of Chongqing Mountain City, Intercontinental Chongqing Raffles City is a premier destination for luxury and convenience. Situated within the vibrant Raffles City complex, this hotel provides a seamless blend of sophistication and comfort. With its central location in Jiangbei District, guests have easy access to a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Discover the essence of Chongqing while enjoying the refined elegance and world-class service at Intercontinental Chongqing Raffles City.

The Westin Chongqing Liberation Square: Positioned in Yuzhong District, this luxury hotel offers elegant accommodations, wellness facilities, and convenient access to various dining and shopping options.

The Lixury Hotel Chongqing, The Unbound Collection by Hyatt : As part of the Unbound Collection by Hyatt, The Lixury Hotel Chongqing offers a unique and exceptional experience. This modern hotel, opened in 2019, is located in the Nan'an District and features a contemporary design concept. Guests can enjoy the comfort of cozy rooms with balconies that offer breathtaking views of the river. The hotel is conveniently situated near Nanbin Road and provides easy access to the scenic Nanshan area. Immerse yourself in the charm of Chongqing while indulging in the impeccable service and distinctive atmosphere that The Lixury Hotel Chongqing, The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, has to offer.

Niccolo Chongqing: Located in Yuzhong District, this boutique hotel combines Ba-Yu culture and French elements in its architectural style. The chic rooms come with private butler service, and guests can enjoy the rooftop garden, infinity pool, and fitness center.

These tourist attractions and hotels have been carefully curated by the local staff at OBG Travel Agency in Chongqing Mountain City. We assure you an unforgettable experience that will make your visit worthwhile.

If you're interested in exploring Chongqing and wish to book a trip for Chongqing Mountain City, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We will provide hotel recommendations and assist in planning your travel itinerary to ensure you have an exceptional time in Chongqing.

Chongqing high-rise building landscape and river view

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